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>> good morning, everyone. thanks nor joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at the weather.
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here's our meteorologist, lisa argen. >> hi there, carolyn. good morning, everyone. here's a live shot from julyner peek. you see some of the cloud cover out there. this is post frontal cloud cover because the front has pass the well into the central valley. live doppler 7 hd showing now we have more high clouds around the north bay and even fog and chilly conditions with numbers in the middle 40s. but the rest of the day we will see partial clearing and temperatures cooler with upper 50s at the coast with lower 60s in our warmest areas around the bay. tonight we continue the dry scenario. numbers will be cool but we have a little more rain to talk about before thanksgiving. i'll have that forecast for you coming up. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. >> developing news on a deadly shooting in a menlo park neighborhood. homicide detectives have been working all night k into the morning on ivy drive where a man was shot to death last night.
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abc7 news reporter kera clapper is live at police headquarters. she has the latest. good morning. >> good morning, carolyn. >> the latest this morning is more than twelve hours after two men shot and killed another man in his car, police are still looking for those two men. we have the scene last evening on ivy, as you mentioned. 911 calls poured in about 6:30 in the evening. people living near 101 and 84 reported hearing several gunshots another call came in that someone was lying in the street. when menlo park police arrived to the 300 block of ivy drive they found an injured man lying in the middle of the road. the 40-year-old was shot numerous times. paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene. police say he's not from menlo park or the other areas but they aren't releasing any other information about him. shooters were last seen running away in opposite directions.
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>> after the incident occurred, witnesses indicated that they had heard shots and saw two males running from the scene. the only description of the males are two tall males wearing dark-colored hooded sweatshirts. one was seen northbound on ivy, one westbound on murdoch. we have no other information on the suspects. >> now again, in light of day this morning police are still looking for any information they can. they are asking the public to provide any information they can provide. please call menlo park police. reporting live in menlo park, abc7 news. >> thank you. the escalation of violence in the mideast continues today despite talk after possible cease-fire. abc's alex marquart reports now from gaza zoa city.
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>> israeli jets pummeling gaza overnight. two buildings housing hamas and international media were targeted. six journalists were wounded. from the sea voluntarily after voluntarily of naval artillery hit alleged terror sites. so far more than 50 palestinians have been killed and more than 500 wounded. >> we are exacting a heavy price from hamas said israeli prime minister netanyahu. the military is prepared for a significant expansion of its operation. for days tanks and troops have been building up along the border for a possible evasion. far fewer rockets were fired from gaza overnight but this morning sirens wailed in tel aviv as hamas fired two rockets. both intercepted by the iron dome missile system. three israelis were killed and many wounded.
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gee script and others are working to stop the violence. >> i will real will continue to carrying out massacres against our people. there have been talks but israeli officials are staying tight-lipped. >> for the moment rockets are still being fired in israel. we will go on with military operations. we aren't excluding any option, including the diplomatic option. [chanting free free palestine] >>. >> some of the anger over the bombing is on display in san francisco. >> this is a display of some of the anger over the bombing in gaza is on display in san francisco. a pro-palestinian anti-israeli crowd rallied in front of the israeli consulate last night. you see them there marching down market street. they were yelling "while you are shopping, bombs are dropping." the rally was peaceful. more demonstrations are expected today and tomorrow. some local families are working to find a common solution. abc7 news reporter shows how bay area jews and palestinians are getting together to work toward peace.
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>> escalating violence in gaza has kept her from getting any rest in the last few days. >> if i was there, i would be sleeping just living normally because i'm not feeling the guilt of being away from what they are going through there. >> she's been constantly connected to her palestinian friends and family in gaza through twitter updates and facebook posts. but it's her jewish friends here in the bay area she's turning to for support. >> this is my refuge. i was having days in which i was crying, feeling angry. >> she's part of a group that meets every month in san mateo it's made up of jews and palestinians. in the conflict they will likely not even talk to each other. but here talking and listening is the whole point. >> the one thing that can dignify both people is to listen to each other. >> lynn and his wife, libby, have hosted hundreds of meetings in their living room over the last 20 years. they want to make connections
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with palestinians in the bay area and their hope is to export these conversations. >> there are things that governments can do like sign treaties, and there are things that the people can do who are free from government, and that's building relationships. >> over the years they have organized summits and camping trips in yosemite where israeli and palestinian families had to spend days together. incidentally, participants in one of those camping events demonstrated in bethlehem for the violence to stop. through dialogue they hope to make things change, even if it takes a while. >> of course, it's a slow process. it's like a ripple in a big, big ocean but in time that ripple will get the result. >> and their hope is that people on both sides of the conflict zone will begin pushing their leaders for a peaceful solution and soon. >> abc7 news. >> more news now. san jose police have released
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the name of an officer credited for saving another officer's life during a gun battle. it happened on friday night on tully road. two robbery suspects opened fire on an officer in his patrol car who was pursuing him. the officer in the car was a sitting duck, officers said. bruce barthalamew, a five year veteran of the force, returned fire when he got on the scene. one suspect was injured and arrested. the other is still on the lose. the officer in the car was slightly injured. the head of the san francisco diocese has issued an apology for allowing a registered sex offender to attend a elementary school event last month. the man had a letter from diocese when confronted by the police at the parish. the bishop said it was a mistake to allow him to attend and volunteer at the event. he said diocese policy is no one guilty of child sexual abuse is to be allowed around children.
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the sheriff's department and the diocese are now investigating. >> coming up, president obama begins his three day tour of southeast asia. his first overseas trip since his re-election. what he's saying about tomorrow's historic visit to myanmar. and the holiday season kicks off in san francisco. we will have a
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>> new this morning, president obama has arrived in thailand the first stop on his three-nation tour of southeast asia. president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton are making -- and the us ambassador met and exchange the guests and pleasantries. it includes the first-ever residential stop in myanmar, also known as burma. president obama said his visit to myanmar will not be an endorsement of its government but rather as a sign of progress. the president returns it washington late wednesday, just in time for thanksgiving. >> the president are urging the republicans to give a little to raising tacks on the wealthy to extend middle class tax cuts and avoid the doomsday scenario that
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camps on january 1st if there's no agreement. the so-called fiscal cliff is real without a deal by january 1st tacks are set to rise on all americans, $6 trillion over the next ten years. and deep cuts also kick in. you saw there $1.2 trillion over ten years unless congress can compromise on deficit reduction. leaders from both parties emerge from the first meeting friday confident they will get the job done. today house minority leader nancy pelosicy said it will get done on president obama's terms. >> we can do this and avert the fiscal cliff that is right this front of us today. >> we've seen talk about a possible compromise that would leave rates the same but cap deduction force high income earners. is that something that is acceptable? >> no. not at all. if it's going to bring in revenue the president has been very clear that the higher income people have to pay their fair share. >> the california congresswoman
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says she hopes an agreement can be reached by mid-december so it doesn't create more uncertainty for the stock markets. senate intelligence committee chair, senator dianne feinstein is look for answers. answers from the white house on how the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi was presented to the american public. congress has ordered the administration to explain who created its talking points on the deadly attack. feinstein wants to know who omitted the cia's early conclusion that al-qaeda was involved. former cia director david pet cold congress the cia wanted to keep that information classified. senator feinstein said this morning on nbc's "meet the press" she doesn't think they tried to cover up the link for political reasons. >> pet very clearly said it was a terrorist attack. and outlined who he thought might be involved in it. what has concerned me about this
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is really the plough littization littization -- politicization of a statement that was put out by the intelligence agency who susan rice on the 16th was asked to go before the people and use that statement and did. she was within the context of that statement. feinstein also called general petraeus's sudden resignation over an extramarital affairs something out of the, quote, national inquirer. the annual tree lighting gets underway at 6:00. abc seven news spencer christian will be there to host the ceremony. but there's lots to do ahead of time. the celebration includes music, letters to santa, even visits from popular disney characters. and it all begins at noon. so the question for you, lisa argen, is bring the umbrellas or no? >> no, we are going to take a
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break from the rain. in fact you may have some sunshine out your window this morning. although it is cute there. a little hazy. winds are light. we will see a couple dry days. we have rain and a little warmup to talk about. that's all in my seven-day outlook next. >> also next stanford plays the game of the season in eugene. knocking off the second-ranked oregon ducks in overtime. mike shumann has your highlights and postgame reaction coming up in sports. good morning! wow.
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>> so we in some measurable rainfall over the last few days and the question is whether it's going to continue to, you know, up the tally. >> we will see a little bit more rain, but not before we have a nice couple days of a breakout there. a little for everyone out there. we are going to experience some sun, warmer weather and a little rain. you can see the raindrops here. winter weather for the high country for another hour. but it's raining. we have rain at truckie. 38 degrees. and tahoe valley airport is at 37. it was a rain mix earlier, and now just at lake level some very moist and warm conditions. so we are counting on the higher elevation snow to stay with us
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the next couple days because mother nature not helping out that much in the week ahead. here's sutro. see the high clouds around. if you live this the north bay you will see more high clouds today. but if you live in the south bay and east bay, more sunshine. live doppler 7 hd right now shows the cloud cover favoring the north bay and parts of the delta. a couple areas of rain offshore and keeping a slight chance of showers for the next few hours, but other than that we are continuing to dry out. so here's a look at lake tahoe right now. it's been changing back and forth to rain, to snow and right now the temperatures are just too warm. we are looking at rain around lake level. we've had about a foot of snow up in the higher elevations and some of that will be melting. the snow levels will continue to lower behind the front, but most of the precip is over. so we are only looking at a dusting and still some very breezy winds. back home a lingering shower not out of the question. we will look for some clearing throughout the day today.
9:21 am
sunnier to the south bay and high clouds and active storm track will keep some higher clouds in the north bay but the east bay looks pretty good as well. the peninsula looking like a sunny afternoon for the most part and showers will be coming back by late on tuesday. so right now the mildest numbers from san francisco in oakland low to mid-50s. 55 mountain view, 54 san jose. look at the 40s up in the north bay and down by the monterey bay we are mild with mid-50s. lots of cloud cover. compared to 24 hours ago we are much chillier from livermore and fremont, ten degrees colder and still with the fog in novato and santa rosa. you are pretty gray and cool this morning. even at the coast a little chillier. as we go through the rest of the day we have a weak high pressure that will keep the active storm track to the north of us. you may see a few higher clouds filter into the north bay. otherwise it's going to stay this way right on through tuesday. by tuesday night until the end
9:22 am
of end of an incoming system will clip the area and that will bring the rest of the rain. it is pretty warm in the sierra. taking you back home the raiders today, 64 by the afternoon but noontime about 60, partly cloudy conditions. breezy for the tree lighting ceremony. looks nice. temperatures will continue to come up to march normal readings throughout the middle of the week. even with the rain coming in it doesn't look like a big deal and we are looking at a dry, sunny thanksgiving. next weekend, as well. much of the nation quieting down as well for the holiday coming up. >> which will be great. did you say the raiders are collecting turkeys today? >> yes. the almeda county food bank will be at the game and they are taking donations. >> all right. hope people will give. thank you, lisa. this afternoon the raiders are playing the new orleans saints at the coliseum. kickoff is at 1:05. last night stanford pulled off a
9:23 am
huge upset in oregon over the second-ranked ducks. here's schu he has your highlights in this morning's sports. nobody thought stanford could beat second ranked oregon in eugene, nobody. the cards went up there with a chip on their shoulder and oregon couldn't knock it off. oregon had the longest win streak in the nation at 13 games. kevin making his second start of his career. makes one guy miss. to the end zone, 93-yard drive, eating up 7 minutes. 7-0, stanford. third quarter ducks take their first lead of the game. thomas punches it in. ducks go up 14-7. fourth quarter stanford needs to put points on the board. williamson, the 43-yard field goal and he misses. still 14-7, oregon. now 1:45 to go in the game. hogan throws it up to zach in the end zone. did he catch it? called incomplete. had to be reviewed and it was reversed! touchdown! 14-14 ballgame. ertz had 11 catches, 106 yards receiving. we go to overtime.
9:24 am
oregon attempts the field goal, 41 yards out, off the uprights, stanford only needs a field goal to win the game. jordan williams, redemption time. 37 yards. good! stanford pulls off the upset. win 17-14. they can clinch the pac-12 north with a win next week against ucla. afterwards the coach talked about the kicker. >> he missed the kick. as i like to do, i like the guys to come off, let off steam. he was standing by himself. i went up to him, put my arms around him, looked him right in the eye and said, time to grow up. i said i don't want to talk about how talented you are, i make your kicks. for the first time i saw him look me right in the eye and said gotcha, coach. >> kind of blacked out. definitely was excited and started running around. it felt great to be able to help the team out. they worked so hard throughout the game and i felt like i owed them. >> all right. cal facing oregon state. jeff tedford my be coaching his last game.
9:25 am
sean manion. deep to brandon cook. comes back to make the catch. watch this. cuts across the field. 48-yard touchdown, oregon state ahead 28-7. second quarter, manion again. his fourth t.d. pass of the game. fs 18 of 23, 239 yards, 4 t.d.s in the first half, beavers go on to win. cal ends the season at 3-9. beavers win. >> san jose state facing byu the quarterbacking came out swinging. airs it out to noel grigsby. spartans up 6-0. second quarter, again. this time 18 yards. the lead. grigsby 8, catches 132 yards and two scores. late in the fourth. byu, on-side kick. ball goes off chandler jones. byu recovers trailing. 20-14. cougar drive deep into spartan
9:26 am
territory. san jose defense comes up big. rolly nelson is sacked, who fumbles, san jose state recovers spartans improve to 9-2. and they hold off byu, 20-14. raiders hosting the saints and of course we will have all the highlights for you tonight at five. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> coming up, preparing for the rush. stores are getting ready for black friday with people already waiting in line, yeah, in some parts of the country. and saving superstorm sandy's four-legged victims. find out who is helping dozens
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>> some big retailers will be opening their doors thanksgiving night. you've heard about that controversy. but the big day remains the day after, black friday. the annual shopping blitz is not for the feint of heart, not for amateurs with shoppers already lining up and store employees training for the big day. here's abc's david curley with the story. >> all right. ready? here we go. >> it may look like black friday. >> good morning, good morning, good morning. >> shopping carts banging through the door. but these are employees. >> again, knowledgeable. >> training for the biggest shopping day of the year. >> we've got to make sure that we are ready to go. we have product fired up. customers want to hold it, they
9:30 am
want to play with it, they want to see what it does. >> you better love it because already shoppers are camping out in wisconsin. yes, a week before the sales they are settled in. >> we have so much fun out hear. you meet all kinds of nice people. >> yes, they say it all pays off. >> we are almost getting paid back by the savings. >> but even on friday you may see some protests. workers unhappy that their stores are opening up on thursday for shopping. row setta brown works at wal-mart. >> we just demand respect. [chanting] >> nearly one in four of us, 86 million, hit the stores on black friday last year. >> i think you will see deals all season long. >> but if you brave the protests and the petition drives, are there a couple items you should set your sights on on friday? >> the new wii, called the wii-u.. it will go fast. and believe it or not, the
9:31 am
ferbies are back. and the ipad mini that everybody wants, the i-phone5 and for kids there's the lee pad two which is like an ipad for kids. >> and once again, online sales are becoming even more important on black friday so you can take part from your couch. david curley, abc news, washington. >> and you can check out before you start your black friday shopping. we have compiled a list of the stores that are opening as early as thanksgiving day. you can also browse their black friday sale ads. it's all at under "see it on tv." this morning at 11:00 joan kwan will join local, state and congressional leaders at a solemn ceremony. the 34th annual memorial service for those killed in the jones town massacre. it was november 18,
9:32 am
when san mateo congressman leo ryan and his legal aid, jacky speer, went to investigate the people's temple cult involving many bay area people under consult leader jim jones. it turned violent. congressman ryan was shot and killed. speer and others were left for dead . then cult members were given cyanide-laced kool-aid. 900 men and women and children died. speer survived and went on to serve san mateo in congress. san francisco based travel company air b&b. it relies on a community of online users to connect team with accommodations worldwide. new services should expand the company's reach in the tourism industry. >> christina rents out a home in her san francisco victorian to international visitors. about 100 this the past two years. she showcases her place on air b&b, an online company that specializes in tour efforts look for unique experiences. >> the city's number one industry, tourism, is now being brought into all the neighborhoods throughout the
9:33 am
city. >> and that has had a $56 million impact on the san francisco economy. between april, 2011 and may of this year. according to a study commissioned by air b&b. it's also had profound benefits for the 3,000 hosts in san francisco like christina. according to the study, more than half use the money they collect from guests not for splurges, but to make ends meet. >> it helps. i just think it's added a little bit. it has made things a little easier. >> the company currently operates in 30,000 cities worldwide. it launched a new service. it's website offering detailed information on dozens of neighborhoods in seven large cities. the companies is also starting a pilot program in its hometown of san francisco enlisting coffee shops like this one. they serve as pseudoambassadors for travelers. these moves are being closely scrutinized by the traditional
9:34 am
hotel industry. >> hotels and air b&b both help visitors coming to the city. for us there's definitely a competition on some level, but it's also benefiting the city as a whole. >> city government still has concerns over the legality of the short-term rental market. san francisco supervisor david chu is now working on legislation to clarify some of that controversy. 1978 >> new this morning, the next play in an effort to bring the warriors to san francisco tips off tomorrow. the san francisco chronicle reports union, restaurant and hotel workers are expected to join the building trade unions tomorrow to urge san francisco supervisors to approve plans to build the $1 billion arena. the hotel workers like the union jobs that could be created at a 13-story hotel. the warriors plan to build across the embarcadero from the 17,000 seat arena. the backing of the influential
9:35 am
union adds pressure on city leaders to approve a deal on the promise of bringing more jobs and more revenue to san francisco. they hope to open the arena in 2017. new concerns this morning for raiders fans who are afraid the team might once again relocate to southern california. pasadena is considering hosting an nfl team in the rose bowl. stadium for five years while a new downtown l.a. football facility gets built. yesterday the rose bowl hosted the annual football rivalry between ucla and usc. the l.a. times reports tomorrow the pasadena city council will consider bringing the nfl to their city. that's on a temporary basis. the pasadena chamber of commerce and others like the prospect of millions of nfl dollars flowing into their city on a temporary basis. but people who live near the rose bowl have complained in the past about traffic and noise and problems caused by rowdy fans.
9:36 am
>> extraordinary efforts are being made on behalf of the pets left homeless of a hurricane sandy. tens of thousands were either abandoned or left stranded by the storm. here's abc's reporter with a story of how they are now being helped. >> they are the silent victims of super storm sandy. some of the most helpless and most affected and now our four-legged friends are finally getting the help they need. southwest airlines and seaworld teamed up to fly 60 orphaned cats and dogs to an animal shelter in california. >> thousands of animals lost their homes. we need to move the animals from their shelters to shelters on the west coast. >> the flight crew and the veterinarians are volunteering their time to assist in this operation. and they around the only ones helping. there is a 20,000 square foot shelter for displaced pets in new york made possible by the
9:37 am
generosity of celebrity chef rachel ray. >> she provided $500,000 donation so that we could care for displaced pets in new york city following the aftermath of hurricane sandy. we are very gracious. >> more than 300 animals have been rescued by aspc responders, and along with distributing pet supplies and operating mobile clinics, they have helped nearly 16,000 animals in affected areas. >> i don't want to leave my dog in a cold apartment so i'm basically bringing him here where he can be taken care of because he's just like my child. >> the goal is to provide the people who have been displaced by hurricane sandy an opportunity to bring their pets in, board them for up to 30 days, and really just focus on getting their lives back together. >> proving in the aftermath of devastation our furry friends are never forgotten. >> coming up, we are just hours away from tonight's 40th
9:38 am
annual american music awards. we will have a preview and tell you who will be performing. and here is a live look from the beach at santa cruz. the forecast today partly cloudy and 63. lisa argen will have your forecast in just a few minutes. ♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious.
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>> welcome back, everyone. it is 9:41. this is a live look at the hp pavilion, otherwise known as the shark tank. the hockey lockout continues, bargaining talks are scheduled to resume tomorrow in new york. the first time since november 11th. the fans are unhappy. businesses all around the tank are hurting. so here is hoping the dispute will be settled soon. >> the stars of music will gather tonight for the american music awards. as abc reports, taylor swift
9:42 am
will be performing. she's just one of dozens of stars celebrating the show's 40th anniversary. >> variety is once again the key to the american music awards. fifteen performers will take the stage with styles ranging from pop to rock to hip-hop and everything in between. >> we also celebrate a.m.a.'s 40th birthday. we are going to go out there and have fun, bring the energy and tear the place down. >> i've heard a lot about a.m.a. and it's the 40th, right? and i'm performing tonight. not only performing, but i'm going to perform with someone very special. >> from country princess taylor swift to pit bull, paula abdul, to lincoln park. we will see the best of 2012 on sunday night's three-hour music-filled show. two top stars could walk away with an arm full of trophies. tied for the most a.m.a. nominations this year with four a piece, rihanna and nicki minaj.
9:43 am
i hope nicki stops again for me on the carpet. i think we had a special bond in 2010. >> you could come on the road with us. you could like interview the fans. >> i could become a big music reporter. >> that would be so cute. like, i mean, i'm on to something. >> very good. nicki, bye-bye. >> thank you, darling. >> i feel like i have a new best friend. >> yeah. >> this george reporting for abc news. the american music awards airs tonight at 8:00 here on abc7. lisa already said she's watching and perhaps dressing up by nicki min a.j.. >> i don't know about that. she has it all going on. here's san jose. a high today of 62. that's below average but you will get to your average for this time of year. and also more rain to come. i'll explain next. >> all right. also ahead, one of the hottest movie franchises right now is the last film in in twilight
9:44 am
series. is it worth all the hype? we have the answer from arts an
9:45 am
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multigrain cheerios in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. >> welcome back, everyone. time right now 9:47. thank you for getting up and watching the abc7 sunday morning news. this is a live look from our roof cam showing you all those flags waving on the ferry building. it seems like the wind is
9:47 am
pickping a bit from earlier this morning. we will check in with lisa argen in a few seconds to see if that is correct. you know, despite the high gas prices and the still struggling economy, more californians than ever are going to be traveling this holiday weekend. according to triple a more than 5.4 million of us plan to travel 50 miles or more over the four-day weekend. nearly 5 million californians will take to the highways. more than half a million of us will fly, and the rest of us will just be stuck right here. this is a slice of paradise, i always say. it's not a bad place to be stuck. lisa argen is here talking about the accuweather forecast. i hope the rain will be gone for the holiday. >> you know, i talked about much of the nation enjoying not only a drying trend but warming up as well. we will share our nice weather. as we head outside, conditions are shaping up from the toll plaza. you see the cumulus clouds behind the cold front that went
9:48 am
through yesterday. and emeryville right now some of the more milder numbers in our east bay with the low 50s. still looking out for a slight chance of showers this morning. but overall the drying trend continues throughout your sunday. live doppler 7 hd then shows we have the cloud cover, some higher clouds this the north bay. so conditions here will be some of that filtered sunshine while we get into more sunshine east bay and south bay. but still numbers a little cool for this time of year. and the snow continues to wind down and the rain in the sierra nevada. we've been hovering in the upper 30s. but temperatures are cooler down in the lower elevations so we have a little bit of rain-snow mechanics. but the winter weather advisory for the high country about to expire. most of the snow fell be for the front went through in the form of higher elevation snow and a little rain-snow mix. now we are left with a little bit of precip left.
9:49 am
maybe not the best conditions but some of those resorts with the higher bases probably did good like kirk wood. partial afternoon clearing. showers come back into play late tuesday into wednesday. looks like maybe a quarter of an inch. this past system pretty generous with half-inch amounts from fremont to livermore. right now 50s for you folks. 55 half moon bay. low 40s, still some fog and poor visibility up in the north bay with the coolest temperatures there. and down by the monterey bay it's pretty mild, so to speak. but temperatures here will be still cool in the afternoon. overall, boy, that cold front brought in the cooler air. you definitely don't need me to tell you that with 15 degrees of cooling since yesterday in santa rosa. 10 degrees colder in the livermore valley. this is the way it all played out with moisture now in the central valley around modesto, merced, and we have a storm track that will remain to the
9:50 am
north of us the next several days. it will bring a lot of rain extreme northern california, but for us we are sandwiched in between. we are looking at a pretty nice couple of days. but it looks like by late tuesday the tail end of yet another system will graze the bay area and we will see most of the precip in the north bay. 50 today in yosemite. also had the higher elevation snow above 6,000 feet. we are looking at mid-60s. dry condition necessary los angeles and the rain from eureka. 50s for our friends in clover day and clear lake today with 64 in oakland. >> 62 in san jose. with low 60s around monterey. there is a 5k run up in vallejo. they have a marathon in the city. so the weather cooperating. we will get the weaker system drying out. a beautiful day for thanksgiving. the day after for all the shopping frenzy going on it should be pretty nice out there. >> sounds great. thank you, lisa.
9:51 am
>> the final chapter in a billion dollars film series is in theaters this weekend. "twilight, breaking dawn part 2" wraps up that epic. abc news and arts and enter entertainment reporter don sanchez has reaction on the isle. >> after 18 years of being utterly ordinary, i finally felt like a child. i was born to be a vampire. >> so beautiful. >> so they are back for one final vow and bite. she's now a full-fledged vampire with red eyes. she's fast, strong, even cracks his back and she likes to hunt humans. we are trying to get a clue to the chemistry between the two. >> welcome home. >> they have this house that looks like a thomas kincaid painting. since vampires never sleep they have a lot of time on their hands. it gets pretty steamy on screen. explain those limbs to the younger kids. but the problem is they have this baby who is half human, half vampire. vampire children are against the
9:52 am
rules. so the evil person in italy thinks she has to be eliminated. overacting leader. there are changes, taylor lautner only takes his shirt off once. the images aren't as softly focused. the dialogue is still drab. people stare at each, maybe thinking how many millions this one will make. it is a pop culture phenom. ♪ let me warn you, there is gory violence like decapitation and bodies thrown into flames. this is not for small children. special effects are kind of cheesy and fake. there are a lot of laughs. and a twist, a shock surprise. when the credits role the stars got lots of cheers, but when christian stewart appeared on screen there was a smattering of applause and i wonder if the movie has a problem. probably not. it is a satisfying conclusion to the series.
9:53 am
i will have to give it a little more than half a bucket. i'm don sanchez, abc7 news. see you on the isle. >> coming up on beyond the he had lines we will take a look at the widespread discrimination faced by transgender people. they are people born in a body that does not match their gender i'd denty. you will hear from a young person about the struggles she faced going from a boy named alex to a girl named clair and you will learn will resource force counseling, job and housing discrimination. >> i said, yes, i'm going to transition. we didn't talk for like eight months. when we did talk, she refused to call me clair. didn't want me to visit and didn't want me to come home. >> join abc seven news anchor cheryl jennings to learn about transgender issues on "beyond the headlines" right after our newscast this morning here on abc7. coming up next, check out this
9:54 am
kid's moves. ♪ jailhouse rock >> we will show you more of this viral video that's sweeping the nation when we return.
9:55 am
9:56 am
[ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent. oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half that's not half! guys, i have more! thanks mom [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin too bad the guys aren't here we're clear. ok, swarm! swarm! hello [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin >> take a look at this viral video that's racked up more than
9:57 am
15 million views. [jailhouse rock ♪ >> his name is william. he's only two. the video was shot at the opening of a dance studio. his folks are dancers, so apparently that's where he got some of his killer moves. and every time i see him he just -- he makes me laugh as he takes his little bow. lisa argen has a final check of the accuweather forecast. >> it will be nice out there. certainly cooler than yesterday. the rain is pretty much over. we will call it partly cloudy with high clouds favor the north bay. we will keep it cool today. a little milder tomorrow. rain will be coming back tuesday night into wednesday. probably a quarter to third inch rain. so not much. then we dry out for thanksgiving. the days after pretty mild. back to normal, mid-60s with sunshine. >> that sounds like a great
9:58 am
forecast w that we are going to bid a deux. thank you for joining us on the abc sunday morning deuce. i'm carolyn tyler, along with lisa argen. abc7 news continues at here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
9:59 am

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